Our Coffee Journey

Sourcing the perfect bean

We work closely with one of the World’s largest coffee suppliers to source the best quality beans from around the globe. This gives us access to their offices, quality labs and supply chains in all the coffee producing countries that we source from. We do this so that the coffee we purchase is checked at multiple points during the supply chain to ensure consistent quality, certainty of supply, traceability and accountability.



When our raw beans arrive they are sample roasted and cupped to analyse quality.

Similar to wine tasting, we brew the coffee to specific standards and evaluate the aromas and flavours from the roast. To begin we deeply inhale the coffee’s aroma before sipping and allowing it to spread to the back of the tongue. We look for body, the mouthfeel, sweetness, acidity and aftertaste.
Due to sourcing our beans from all over the world, different locations mean different beans, different roasting times and temperatures. To ensure consistency of our roast profile, no matter the blend, all our beans are roasted separately.

Our dedicated team of baristas, roasters, Quality Assurance managers and coffee lovers test the flavour profile of every batch of our roasted coffee to guarantee great tasting coffee for our customers, plus our product is batch and profile identifiable for traceability.

After our beans are blended and packed with care, they rest in a controlled environment. The amount of time we allow them to sit is dependent on the specific beans in the blend. This time is vital as it allows the flavours to fully develop.