Our Blends

Mount K Premium Four Bean Blend

This is a blend of beans from Columbia, Brazil, Ethiopia and India. The smooth and delicate profile of this espresso allows you to savour the taste of the different flavours that each bean brings to the blend. It has a subtle balance of mild acidity, a silky mouthfeel and a caramelly coco finish.


Our boutique Mexican decaf is grown 1987 metres above sea level and decaffeinated using the Swiss Water method. This ecologically friendly method relies solely on water and osmosis and is 100% chemical free. As a result this method is much gentler compared to more widely used methods which rely on harsh chemicals to strip the caffeine molecules from the green coffee bean.


Single Origin Seasonal Varieties

Honduras-Santa Rosa Copan

This bean is grown at high altitudes, where it is carefully farmed by experienced hands. The plants are well maintained with the correct angles and size of branches making it easier for picking cherries, they are hand picked multiple times at the optimum stage of ripeness. Coffee brewed from these beans is very full bodied, smooth and rich with a deep semi-sweet chocolate flavour.

Indonesia-tapian nauli, lintong nihuta

These beans are grown 1300-1400 metres above sea level in the humid, high hills of North Sumatra. The farmers grow their coffee on small plots of land, ready for harvest during March-May and October-December. After being picked and hulled, a collector brings the coffee from the farm to the PT Indo Cafco processing centre at Lake Toba. Three bean varieties are grown together Ateng, Jember and TIM-TIM and they make up this single origin roast. This blend of beans results in a smooth full-bodied texture with classic Sumatran flavours and chocolate-y overtones. It’s both fruity and herbal with a nice complexity of the acidity and a syrupy body.

Kenya-ruiru, Kiambu

This bean is grown 1766 meters above sea level at the Mchana Estate, the largest single coffee plantation in all of Kenya. It is fully washed and patio dried, a natural sun-drying process that results in a more fruity and fuller bodied coffee. The aroma of this coffee is absolutely stunning, it is rich and supple with beautiful mixed berries, cocoa, honey and violet. Immediately post-brew, this coffee gets right into it. It is full-bodied and beautifully rounded. Raw cocoa nibs blend with syrupy molasses, before erupting all over the palate with succulent notes of tart blackberry, plum, raisin, cranberry, blueberry, apricot, black grape, cherry, blackcurrant, lemon, roasted cocoa and a crisp apple acidity that simply sparkles as it rounds out the bottom of the cup.